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"Passion, sensitivity and deep respect for each work make them almost transperstain impalpable beauty not only aesthetic but also interior, exciting for those who observe them." Marco Conti

The Conti family and its collaborators welcome you to a world of passion and quality.

Artistic tradition, evolution, research and international leadership. Thought as an expression of sacredness and creativity. Choice of materials and techniques, with a productive versatility, which only a company with a "craftsman" philosophy can offer. And maximum care in relation to the customer, before, during and after the sale.
Welcome to the SIAS world.

The origins

An artistic tradition

The roots of this company are to be found in the history of the Conti family, with the brothers Giambattista and Fausto, important exponents of the sacred painting of the first decades of the 20th century (Roman school) who created a wide artistic creation with proven value.
In 1960, Corrado Conti founded in Rome the "artisan shop", which immediately became a meeting point for artists and architects in experimenting with fiberglass works. The remarkable production of fiberglass sculptures is still an important reference in the industry today.

The evolution

An international success

In 1980, he transformed into "Italian Society of Sacred Art" directed by his son Marco, who integrates artisan practice into his academic training, creating an artistic and technological research center that develops on the study of the language of past masters, experimenting with while new stylistic shapes. Marco Conti leads a team of artists and restorers, all from academia or specialized art schools.

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Where we are

Società Italiana Arte Sacra Srl

Via Appia Nuova n.23, Km 19,400 - 00040 Frattocchie (Rome) - Italy
Via Appia Vecchia Sede, 53 - 00040 Frattocchie (Rome) - Italy

Phone +39 06 9300383 r.a.
VAT 01307221000


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