Realization of Catechetical Scenes

The images are used to tell the story

SIAS designs and creates unique works for customers with needs that go beyond simple production. In this moment of work the company confronts the customer, to try to materialize his ideas, from the imagination we move on to the drawing, then to the sketch and then to the realization of the model in clay. In each of these phases the customer is essential, every detail is important, every step is necessary.

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Società Italiana Arte Sacra Srl

Via Appia Nuova n.23, Km 19,400 - 00040 Frattocchie (Rome) - Italy
Via Appia Vecchia Sede, 53 - 00040 Frattocchie (Rome) - Italy

Phone +39 06 9300383 r.a.
VAT 01307221000


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