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Plastic's Restoration

Plastics like any other material have a certain number of years of life, after that period which can be more or less short depending on how the various polymers are aggregated. Restoration is a moment, it is not just a mechanical action, it is a study. The restorer has the task of recognizing the object, its physical value and the intrinsic artistic value, the state in which the object is located and its resistance to the restoration process. The restorer must also decide together with the client the best way: to preserve or maintain the style and characteristics of the object, or to give new life by transforming both the appearance and the function of the same. It must be specified that for plastics, unlike amorphous materials such as plaster, wood or marble, it is not always possible to perform restorations, sometimes the choice between restoring and buying a new object is very difficult, it is up to the professionalism of the restorer to advise you based on when said above.

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